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  • Lolarkaditya

    Shukl Paksh Shashthi

    16th June 2021 Wednesday

    Lolarkaditya Temple

    In the month of Bhadrapad, Shukla Paksha Sashthi (Sixth day after Amavasya) i.eLolark Chhat, Lolarkaditya is worshiped by bathing in the Lolark Kund.

  • Jagannath


    12th July 2021 Monday


    Rath Yatra celebrated in Varanasi is a miniature form of the one celebrated at Puri.

  • Ark Vinayak

    Guru Purnima

    24th July 2021 Saturday

    Ark Vinayak

    Ark Vinayak is worshipped on the auspicious day of Guru Purnima and a grand decoration of the temple has been done every year.

  • Kedareshwar Mahadev Termple

    Shravan Maah

    25rd July 2021 Sunday

    Kedareshwar Mahadev Termple

    Much importance is attached to pujas on Mondays during Shravan month (July 23 to August 20) and most importantly on last Monday of that month.

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  • Somwari Mela(Vishweshwar Mahadev Temple)

    16th July2021

  • Durgaji Ka Mela(Kushmanda Durga Temple)

    03rd August to 21st April2021

  • Somwari Mela(Vishweshwar Mahadev Temple)

    02nd August2021

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    (Dwadash Jyotirlinga Yatra)


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