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Badrinarayan Temple

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Badrinarayan temple located at Badri Narayan Ghat of Varanasi is a replica of Badrinarayan Dham situated at Nar-Narayan mountain range in Uttarakhand. Nar-Narayan Teerth is believed to exist in River Ganga that lies near Badri Narayan Ghat. According to a belief, by worshipping Badrinarayan after taking bath in Nar-Narayan Teerth, devotees can obtain same benefits as that from Badrinarayan Dham located in Uttarakhand.

Best Time for Puja:-

On the occasion of full-moon day of Paush (Paush Purnima (December-January), is celebrated here in the honor of Lord Vishnu. Also, on 3rd light-half of Vaishakha (April-May) sacred bath ceremony at this ghat is believed to hold utmost importance.

Location of the Temple:-

Badri Narayan Temple is located at House No. A-1-72 Badri Narayan Ghat, Varanasi. Local transport is available for the convenience of devotees.

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