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Ashta Bhairavs (“Eight Bhairavs”) are eight manifestations of God Kaal Bhairav, a ferocious aspect of “Lord Shiva”. who is considered the supreme ruler of time of the universe and the chief form of Lord Bhairav. They guard and controls the eight directions.

What do they Represent:-

The eight Bhairavs represent eight different elements in which five elements represented by Lord Bhairav are sky, air, fire, water and earth and the other three beings are sun, moon and atma (the soul). Each of the eight Bhairavs are different in appearance, have different weapons, have different vahanas and they bless their devotees with eight types of wealth representing Ashta Lakshmis.

How to Worship Lord Bhairav:-

It is generally believed that by worshipping Lord Bhairav, devotees can attain prosperity, success and good progeny, prevent premature death and finds solution to their debts and liabilities. The name Bhairav itself is replete with deep meaning. The first syllable ‘Bhai’ means fear and also lustrous light. It is said to endow one with material wealth. ‘Rav’ means echo. While ‘Ra’ casts off negativity and restricted consciousness, ‘Va’ keeps creating opportunities. In Shiva temples, regular woshipping starts with Lord Surya and ends with Lord Bhairav. The best time to worship Lord Bhairav is believed to be in the midnight of Friday.

How the Idols of Lord Bhairav depicts his Personality:-

Bhairavs idols are usually situated facing north or south direction. In his idols, Lord Bhairav appears in a standing position with four hands. He holds damaru & pasam (noose) on his left hand and trine & skull on his right hand. Sometimes, Lord Bhairav is depicted with more hands. He is depicted as semi or fully naked. He is accompanied by his Vahana, a dog. The dog (shwan) is not just a means of transport but is a participant in Bhairav’s ferocious activities. Lord Bhairav is shown with protruding teeth and ferocious looks in his idol and wears garland made of red flowers.

Temples under Ashta Bhairav Yatra

  • Shri Ruru Bhairav Temple

    Shri Ruru Bhairav Temple

    Lord Ruru Bhairav is also known as Guru Bhairav or Anand Bhairav amongst locals, and is believed to bless his devotees by enhancing their knowledge to lead a successful life.

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  • Shri Chand Bhairav Temple

    Shri Chand Bhairav Temple

    Lord Chand Bhairav is believed to provide his devotees an incredible energy that helps them in attaining success over their competitor. It is believed that Lord Chand Bhairav is good-looking.

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  • Shri Asitang Bhairav Temple

    Shri Asitang Bhairav Temple

    Lord Asitang Bhairava is believed to bless his devotees to achieve skills & creativeness. He is carrying the Trishula, Damaru, Pasha (Noose) and Sword.

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  • Shri Krodhan Bhairav Temple

    Shri Krodhan Bhairav Temple

    Lord Krodhan Bhairav also known as Aadi Bhairav is believed to grant strength and courage to his devotees to achieve success. In his idol, he is depicted as carrying shield, a long sword and Parashu.

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  • Shri Kapal Bhairav Temple

    Shri Kapal Bhairav Temple

    Lord Kapal Bhairav is believed to help his devotees in thinking and working only towards rewarding actions. He is depicted as carrying weapons such as the Kunda, iron bludgeon, the Khetaka, club studded with iron, the Parigha iron club and Bhindipala javelin in his idol.

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  • Shri Samhar Bhairav Temple

    Shri Samhar Bhairav Temple

    Lord Samhar Bhairav is believed to help his devotees in getting rid of their bad deeds (Karma) of their past. It is believed that this avatar of Lord Bhairav annihilates the sins of the devotees who worship him.

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  • Shri Unmatt Bhairav Temple

    Shri Unmatt Bhairav Temple

    Lord Unmatt Bhairav is believed to help his devotees in controlling their harmful characters that may lead to negative impact.

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  • Shri Bheeshan Bhairav Temple

    Shri Bheeshan Bhairav Temple

    Lord Bheeshan Bhairav is believed to favor his devotees in getting relief from evil spirits and negative effects that may help them in leading a peaceful and safe life.

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