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Yamaditya Temple

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According to a story described in Kashi Khand, in ancient times Yamraj established Yameshwar “Shivlinga” and an idol of Suryadev namely “Yama Aditya” at Yamghat and started worshipping it. As per beliefs, if devotees worship Yama Aditya after having a dip in Yamteerth, they don’t have to face the Yam (death). Simultaneously, if a devotee performs Pind daan in Yamteerth on Tuesday and on Bharni Nakshatrayukta Chaturdashi, she/he can be freed from Pitra Rin.

Best Time for Puja

Temple remains open for worshipping by devotees all the day.

Location of the Temple

In Varanasi, Yama Aditya temple is located at CK-7/135, on the stairs going towards Sankatha Ghat. Local conveyance is easily available to visit the temple.

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