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Vimaladitya Temple

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According to a legend mentioned in Kashi Khand, in ancient times a Kshatriya named Vimal who was a resident of hilly area, suffered leprosy owing to the bad luck earned by him in his ancestral birth. So, he left his home, family, wealth etc. and moved to Kashi and started performing a penance worshipping Suryadev. He used various flowers daily to worship Suryadev. As a result, Suryadev being pleased with his prayers blessed Vimal and his leprosy was cured. After giving boon to Vimal, Suryadev established himself there and got renowned as Vimal Aditya.

Best Time for Puja

Temple remains open throughout the day for worshipping by devotees.

Location of the Temple

In Varanasi, Vimal Aditya temple is located at D-35/273, in the street behind Khari Kuwan, near Jangambari, Godoulia.

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