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Draupadaditya Temple

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According to a story described in Kashi Khand when the Pandavas faced difficulties owing to the rivalry with their siblings and became forest dwellers, then their wife reached Kashi and started performing penance and prayed Suryadev. Suryadev got pleased by prolonged penance of Draupdi and handed over a bowl to her with a boon that until Draupdi wouldn’t take meals from that bowl; it can satisfy the hunger of innumerable people. Since then, Suryadev is residing here in form of Draupad Aditya. As per the beliefs, the devotees who worship Draupad Aditya located at the southern side of Vishweshwar, never have to face hurdle related to hunger and they never have to face the grief of separation from their loved ones.

Best Time for Puja

Temple remains open for worship throughout the day.

Location of the Temple

Draupad Aditya temple is located at C.K-35/2 near Visheshwar temple, Akshay Vat.

Last updated on November 28, 2020 at 3:48 pm